Why Autumn is the Ideal Time to Get Organized

Why Autumn is the Ideal Time to Get Organized

When it comes to cleaning and organizing, spring cleaning gets all of the hype. Organizing and cleaning in the autumn has many attractive benefits, however. If you have been putting off digging into your closets and other storage spaces, there are many reasons why now is the perfect time to get down to business.

Cool Weather Opens Windows

When you pull all of your storage out of the closets and corners, there is bound to be at least a little dust. Opening windows can help you clear the air, keeping you comfortable and allowing some of the stale air and dust to naturally cycle out of the room as you clean. Now that it is autumn, it is possible to open some windows and shut the air off for a short time to do this without risking heat stroke.

Kids Are Back In School

Any home with children is going to be much easier to organize when the kids are in school. It will be possible to dig into their closets and spaces, pulling out things that they have outgrown or that won’t be needed through the fall and winter. It may also be easier to find the time to organize the rest of the house while the kids are occupied with school.

It Is Time to Get the Decorations Out

In most homes, there is an incredible stash of decorations that are used throughout the autumn and winter. Since you will most likely be pulling those decorations out and setting them up soon, it is an easy time to pull out the rest of the storage that is in the closet, garage, loft, or other areas and really go through everything well. Since you have pulled everything out, it should be a snap to make everything easy to access and well organized when you put things back.

Your Home Will Only Get Busier-and More Cluttered

As autumn progresses towards winter and everyone begins preparing for the holidays, most homes get busier. Getting the jump on your home organization needs well before the holidays can make the latter half of the year less stressful.

When your spaces are organized, you will be able to easily locate the items that you need for tasks and projects. Weekly and daily cleaning tasks will take less time without all of the clutter. It is also easier to figure out what to do with the new items that you acquire over the holidays if the items that you already have all have a home.

It can be tough to get started with home organization. Contact Closet Envee so that we can help you get set up for the most wonderful time of the year!

The Wall Closet, the Wine Rack and the Wardrobe

The Wall Closet, the Wine Rack and the Wardrobe

Every house is as different as every owner, and it’s important you know all the options that are available to make your home into the magical space you want it to be. When choosing new storage furniture for your home, there are some unique items that you may have overlooked.

The Hidden Secrets of the Wall Closet

It’s not only small objects left around the room that create clutter. Having too many large pieces of furniture in the room can make the place feel crowded. While closet space is always necessary, it’s also nice to have the room feel open for different types of furniture other than shelves and cabinets.

A proper ceiling to floor closet that lays perfectly flush with the wall can be a perfect solution to allowing other great types of furniture to take up some space. Whether you want flashy wooden drawers built into the wall, or simply a more hidden sliding wall, our experts can give you the proper help you need to make your walls into so much more.

Enter the Credenza

A good dinner party can often be ruined by the lack of space on your table. Your great food and beverages might look more like a cluttered mess rather than a well put together ensemble.

The credenza is a unique dining room sideboard cupboard that is often used to store things or as a decorative wine or liquor rack. The best part about this specific storage space is that it also becomes an extra table where you can place your desserts, hors d’oeuvres, additional plates or candles. It’s a classy affair made easy.

The Timeless Wardrobe

Although the term wardrobe can be used for any space where we put clothing, it’s more commonly used as a closet that is removed from the wall. In olden times, wardrobes were reserved for the nobility in their castles and estates. Nowadays, they are much more common, but can be just as regal.

Not just for the bedroom, the impressive wardrobe can also spruce up the living room or dining room with their signature look. Along with clothes, they can be customized for any daily object you want to organize and store, whether it be important papers, expensive dishes or your growing collection of video games.

Finding what furniture and design is right for you is what Closet Envee is all about. Contact us for a free consultation.

Four Ways Your Garage Could Be So Much More

Four Ways Your Garage Could Be So Much More

In almost every house in America there is a room with great potential that is completely overlooked. It’s usually quite big, ready for renovation and is often completely unused. If your house is looking for space to put your things, a new hobby room, or even a whole new space for your grownup teenagers, you can look to your garage to find a whole set of new great ideas to revolutionize your home domain.

1. Working From Home Made Easy

With many people starting to work from home, the need for a car or two has become less and less of a necessity. No space inside the house for the office you’ve always wanted? Not a problem. With the proper help and incentive, you can turn your garage into a fully functional work station. Replace the old worktable with a new desk and set of modern shelves covering the wall. Transform your stone floors into hardwood and make your old garage into an office to be desired.

2. Build Your Dreams With a New Workstation

When people dream of a garage, they often also dream of a space where they can work, build, organize their tools and work on hobbies. Why wait for tomorrow? Turn your old garage into what you always wanted by building a work station complete with an organized tool box built into the very walls. Customize every nook and cranny into a space worthy of your hobbies, whether it be carpentry, painting or remodeling your car.

3. Not Just For Adults

A house can get really small once your young ones start growing up and playing around the house. Instead of having them use the living room and dining room to play in, why not convert the old garage into a space they will absolutely love? Replace the floors with safe mats and the walls with cupboards filled with their favorite games and toys. It may just be the best gift you’ve ever given them.

4. A Home Inside a Home

Due to recent economic decline, many people are wanting to cut corners and looking for the cheapest living options possible. For a teenager looking to move out under the thumb of their parents, this can be a real hassle. Many people have been converting their garage into fully functional living quarters, complete with kitchenettes, cupboards and baths. Giving your teenager or elderly parents a place to stay that is under the same roof can be beneficial for everyone. Family aside, renting out your renovated garage can be a great way to save money.

Whatever creative ideas you have for your garage, you can count on Closet Envee to tackle any specific projects you have in mind. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Feng Shui: Easy Tips to Unburden Your Living Space

Feng Shui: Easy Tips to Unburden Your Living Space

While Feng Shui began almost 3000 years ago, its practices have become amazingly popular in the modern era due to its emphasis on personal environment and mental health. It attempts to deal with the complex relationship between the self and the area which you inhabit, particularly your home.

In Chinese, Feng means wind, while Shui means water. The Chinese believed that these two things flowed both ways, towards the negative and towards the positive, and were dependent on how your land or space was divided and organized.

Get Rid of the Clutter

According to Feng Shui, the most important way to nurture the best energy in your apartment is to avoid or hide clutter from the regular flow of the house. Creating harmonious spots where you can place and hide personal items that might take away from the peace of the house is essential. If it doesn’t fit in the room, it should be put away in an appropriate closet or hiding space.

Every home is different, and every person as well. It’s important to make sure every shelf and cabinet fits within the theme of your own personality and home to defeat any air of unrest.

Create Space of Airflow

While getting rid of the of unwanted knickknacks around your house is important, it’s also important to make sure all your furniture is organized in a way that promotes as much breeze and open air flow as possible.

If a cabinet or couch is blocking a window or door, you’re not allowing your home to breathe. It’s important to make sure your furniture fits your rooms perfectly. Customizing the things in your house to fit just right is the best way of keeping a perfect balance.

Let the Sun Shine In

Allowing natural light to flow through your house is as important as air flow. Brightness, according to Feng Shui, helps create positivity and promotes better energy and health for those living around it.

When placing your larger pieces of furniture, make sure they don’t block essential passages of natural light. Hallways should be left open to give the sunlight its longest trajectory into your living space. Open doors and properly accentuated color schemes can also help.

Know Your Directions

The Baa, or the Feng Shui energy map of your home, is defined by cardinal directions. The east, for example, is based on health, and the south west, love and marriage. By changing different rooms in the house to fit these specific standards is said to promote each specific life theme, whether it be your career, creativity or spiritual growth.

Don’t leave it all up to yourself. If you need help organizing your home, Closet Envee is ready to assist you in whatever your personal needs are.

Hidden Storage: 5 Ways To Use Empty Space

Hidden Storage: 5 Ways To Use Empty Space

Ever since we were children we’ve been trying to store our excess stuff under our beds and in any nook imaginable only for our parents to yell at us to get our stuff out from behind their sofa. The struggle for storage has been real since we were little. Fast forward to us being adults and now there are plenty of options for storage utilizing empty space you never thought possible.

5 Places That Can Be Used For Storage

  • end tables
  • paneled stools
  • ottomans
  • butler carts
  • benches

End Tables That Can Be So Much More

Your end table doesn’t just have to be a place where you set your lamps and coasters. Adding storage with character to your living space is easy when you consider using a rustic barrel or vintage trunk. Distinct decorum that doubles as storage hiding in plain sight.

Step And Store Paneled Stools

Having children requires you to create access to things they want or need. When utilizing stools, consider having paneled stools. You can keep plenty of odds and ends within them, for you or your children. You can keep it light and easy by story blankets and other household treasures inside.

An Ottomans Hidden Treasures

One of the best things to do after a long day is unwinding on the sofa and kicking your legs up onto an ottoman. No longer just a foot rest, you can store the day’s newspapers and your magazines as well as other useful things to help you relax. Ottoman storage is a great way to store living space clutter.

Butler Carts Can Serve More Than Just Food

Before you may have seen a butler cart as being to fancy or unwanted kitchen clutter. But, this is a functional antique piece that can be used to move food around your home and is a great place to store kitchen utensils at the same time. By maximizing the dead space below the serving surface you are able to free up kitchen cabinetry space.

Don’t Sit On A Bench’s Potential

You can never have enough benches in your home. They are versatile pieces of furniture that could pull triple-duty for you. By adding a bench near your entryway or in your kitchen, you get an aesthetically pleasing storage space that guests and family members alike can sit on.

Let Your Creativity Fly

With a little imagination you’ve been able to remedy our storage problems while maintaining a sense of style within our homes. These solutions are just the tip of the iceberg available to you. Your house has so much space maximizing potential. If you are a little crafty with a hammer and nails, your options are boundless.

Check out some of these ideas or contact Closet Envee to bounce thoughts off of us, we are here to meet your storage needs!