Reaching Your Kitchen’s Full Storage Potential

Reaching Your Kitchen’s Full Storage Potential

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a collection of pots and pans stacked in annoying locales. Getting the utensils and ingredients necessary to make the world class dishes you enjoy cooking won’t have to be a nuisance for much longer. Take a step back from your kitchen and imagine what you would like for it to be while we share with you some great ideas you can bring into your home.

Towel Racks Aren’t Just For Towels

Placing a towel rack above your stove or on the inside of a cabinetry allows for some great storage options. Lids and be placed here along with oddly shaped utensils that waste drawer space.

Using Shelf Space To Its Full Potential

With just a few screws you can install a shelf above your doorway. Placing items that aren’t as frequently used up here reminds you that you do have them and keeps them out of your way when not in use.

Hanging Racks Aren’t Just For Fruit

Installing a hanging rack above your counter top gives you quick and easy access to your pots and pans. You won’t have to get on your knees digging to the back of your cupboards looking for the pan you need.

Installing Magnetic Strips

Placing a magnetic strip on a wall near your stove is a great way to store knives. You’re placing them high and out of the reach of children, but also allowing you to easily use them when needed.

Space Savers Inside Cabinet Doors

Hanging racks and baskets on the inside of cabinet doors is a great way to store items. Along with so many other options, you can place cleaning essentials in the baskets and store favorite spices in the racks.

Trays Help Keep The Things You Use Most Together

Filling trays with cups you use frequently or condiments is a great way to organize used items in one central location that is easy to access. By keeping the tray on your counter top, everyone will know where to find these essentials.

Floating Shelves Help Fill Your Empty Air Space

A great way to maximize your cupboard space is to install invisible shelving where needed. If your glassware is small placing an invisible shelf above it will allow you to utilize all of the unused airspace.

Kitchens Have Unlimited Storage Potential

When you look at your kitchen, use your imagination to see less of what is, and more of what can be. You are not bound to the limited space and inefficient cabinetry you see before you. You can bring a distinct design flare that reflects your creativity. Your kitchen transformation will have you opening the area up to guests with your stylish storage solutions.

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5 Double-Duty Furniture Ideas

5 Double-Duty Furniture Ideas

There just never seems to be enough places to put the stuff you have or the amount of room for the things you need. No matter what size of space you are living in, it’s important to maximize your home furnishing options and not spend a fortune. There are a large number of creative options available to you allowing your furniture to pull double duty without compromising style.

5 Home Furnishing Items That Can Pull Double-Duty

  • Beds
  • End tables and coffee table
  • Book shelves
  • Seating
  • Desks

Beds Can Be Hiding Any Where

You can never have too many places to sleep, but you can have too many beds. They just take up too much space and aren’t really feasible. There are plenty of space saving solutions available to you. A drop down bed can be utilized in your own home office that allows guests to sleep over, but can be folded up out of the way so you can work. Your sofa can hide a fold out bed within in it, giving you more sleeping options for visitors. Also, you may want to consider a bed mattress that’s easily stores and pulls out from your current bed’s base board.

Getting Creative With End Tables And Coffee Tables

Your living room tables can be more than a place to set down your coffee. Add some character and style to your room with vintage luggage shopped at local thrift stores. You can transform your luggage into storage space decorum or with a little creativity and elbow grease they double as bookshelves and open-face display shelving while still being your coffee table and end-tables.

Book Shelves Aren’t Just For Books Anymore

Book shelves don’t just have to be a place for your books. If you live in a small space or you want to make two rooms out of one, you can use book shelving as a wall divider. You can still utilize the shelving space for books or anything else you like, but more importantly, you also create your own space in some privacy.

Seating That Has You Sitting On Storage

If you’re in a real crunch for storage space, consider turning your bar stools and kitchen seating into accessible places to store items. Chairs can be purchased with storage for children’s playing needs. Also, by hanging baskets on the lower rung of bar stools and chairs, you can get quick access to items while keeping your kitchen seating fashionable.

Desks Don’t Have To Be All Work And No Play

A desk top is a blank canvas for every living situation. By adding and rearranging your desk top it can go from a work space, to shelve space, and even be utilized as a vanity. Four legs and a table top can be transformed into so many different things, but add a other double-duty furniture items, like an ottoman or an end table, and your possibilities are limitless.

Every Piece Of Furniture Has Double-Duty Potential

Your home office area can easily become a bedroom after you’ve punched the clock. You have a limitless number of sleeping options for family and your children’s friends without piling mattresses against the walls. These are only a few of the many options available to you. There is no limit to what furniture you currently have that can be made space efficient, doubling as another equally important piece of furniture.

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