Craft Room Custom Closets

Your creativity requires a dedicated area for your flourishing hobbies. From the ground up we will take your ideas and build a space that ignites your passion. Our premium storage solutions will give you a place to be creative when you want and out of sight out of mind when your busy day has other plans for you.

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No Space Is Too Small

No space is too small as we design yaour creative area within any room. It’s there when you need an escape and seamless with the surrounding décor when you don’t have time to create.

Available Options

Traditional desk and chairs aren’t your only option for your haven of creativity. We offer a number of modern design solutions that won’t tie you down. Maximizing space and freedom, we have standing desks options that will help fuel your imagination.

There are no limits to what Design Envee can do for cultivating your creativity. We provide you with organization and luxury at affordable prices, bringing to life your dream walk-in closet.

Design Envee understands that your hobbies and creativity are more than just a past time. Let us build your creative getaway and bring a design that facilitates your last minute need to work on what passions fill you with joy.