Custom Storage for Play

Your child needs every opportunity to bring their boundless imagination to life. Let us maximize your children’s play place with our custom storage solutions. Every room, every empty space in your home, is an opportunity for your child to play. We will work with you to strike a balance between your organizational needs and your children’s enthusiasm to play.

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A Space For Children’s Creativity

Put us to work on creating an ideal play area that strikes a careful balance between organizational needs and your children’s creativity.

Any Space Can Be A Play Space

You don’t need to set aside an entire room for your children to play. We provide you with custom storage and organizational options that cater to the smallest of living spaces, building around your needs without compromising your room’s style. Our streamlined designs give your children a space to play where you can keep an eye on them at all times.

Playing In Style

Don’t limit yourself to plastic containers and tubs with lids. Let Closet Envee show you practical options that give your children easy, organized access. We offer custom cabinetry and shelf space with texture and color to keep everything from being boring. If its building a design to fit seamlessly in your room or a space that’s an explosion of color for your children’s enjoyment, there’s nothing we can’t do.