Every house is as different as every owner, and it’s important you know all the options that are available to make your home into the magical space you want it to be. When choosing new storage furniture for your home, there are some unique items that you may have overlooked.

The Hidden Secrets of the Wall Closet

It’s not only small objects left around the room that create clutter. Having too many large pieces of furniture in the room can make the place feel crowded. While closet space is always necessary, it’s also nice to have the room feel open for different types of furniture other than shelves and cabinets.

A proper ceiling to floor closet that lays perfectly flush with the wall can be a perfect solution to allowing other great types of furniture to take up some space. Whether you want flashy wooden drawers built into the wall, or simply a more hidden sliding wall, our experts can give you the proper help you need to make your walls into so much more.

Enter the Credenza

A good dinner party can often be ruined by the lack of space on your table. Your great food and beverages might look more like a cluttered mess rather than a well put together ensemble.

The credenza is a unique dining room sideboard cupboard that is often used to store things or as a decorative wine or liquor rack. The best part about this specific storage space is that it also becomes an extra table where you can place your desserts, hors d’oeuvres, additional plates or candles. It’s a classy affair made easy.

The Timeless Wardrobe

Although the term wardrobe can be used for any space where we put clothing, it’s more commonly used as a closet that is removed from the wall. In olden times, wardrobes were reserved for the nobility in their castles and estates. Nowadays, they are much more common, but can be just as regal.

Not just for the bedroom, the impressive wardrobe can also spruce up the living room or dining room with their signature look. Along with clothes, they can be customized for any daily object you want to organize and store, whether it be important papers, expensive dishes or your growing collection of video games.

Finding what furniture and design is right for you is what Closet Envee is all about. Contact us for a free consultation.