A spare room often seems like a great idea when you are house hunting and the price is right. Many of us have dreams about what we would do with a spare room, envisioning a cozy space to write a novel or a bright open area that will spur us to reach for fitness goals.

Unfortunately, what ends up happening in many cases is that the spare room becomes the catch-all for items that we don’t want to deal with. Worse, this room often becomes an emotional burden as we feel guilty ever time we see it or add something, so we avoid going in there. The following are a few ways that you can maximize the potential of your spare room and create a more usable space.

Organize Office Space

Many spare rooms have at least partial use as a home office. There is often a desk, littered with papers, mail, and various knick knacks. To begin creating an office that will inspire you instead of draining you, start small. Tackle the desk first; bring a trash can along for junk and file things that need to be saved immediately. After the desk itself is clear, you will feel accomplished and possibly inspired to move on to other areas.

Make a Comfortable Extra Bedroom

If your spare room’s main purpose was identified as an extra bedroom, the bed is often the biggest catch-all. Clothing that you are considering donating and new items that you are unsure of what to do with may be among the debris littered across the bed. This gives you an ideal starting point for organizing.

Clear the bed by getting rid of any items that don’t have an explicit use, finding a home for the things that you do want to keep. If there is also a closet in the room that needs to be tackled later, make it a point to stay away from the closet and to re-home your items elsewhere to avoid creating a bigger mess to deal with later. Once the bed has been tackled, you can move on to the closets and other areas.

Create a Home Gym

A home gym can make it easy to work out without spending extra money, which can be great for your health and well being. Unfortunately, workout equipment often ends up shoved in a corner of the spare room with clothing and other items piled on it. Freeing the workout equipment is the easiest first step to restoring your spare room to home gym status instead of clutter closet. Once the main area is set up with your favorite equipment, it should be easier to figure out how to organize the rest of the room.

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