Ever since we were children we’ve been trying to store our excess stuff under our beds and in any nook imaginable only for our parents to yell at us to get our stuff out from behind their sofa. The struggle for storage has been real since we were little. Fast forward to us being adults and now there are plenty of options for storage utilizing empty space you never thought possible.

5 Places That Can Be Used For Storage

  • end tables
  • paneled stools
  • ottomans
  • butler carts
  • benches

End Tables That Can Be So Much More

Your end table doesn’t just have to be a place where you set your lamps and coasters. Adding storage with character to your living space is easy when you consider using a rustic barrel or vintage trunk. Distinct decorum that doubles as storage hiding in plain sight.

Step And Store Paneled Stools

Having children requires you to create access to things they want or need. When utilizing stools, consider having paneled stools. You can keep plenty of odds and ends within them, for you or your children. You can keep it light and easy by story blankets and other household treasures inside.

An Ottomans Hidden Treasures

One of the best things to do after a long day is unwinding on the sofa and kicking your legs up onto an ottoman. No longer just a foot rest, you can store the day’s newspapers and your magazines as well as other useful things to help you relax. Ottoman storage is a great way to store living space clutter.

Butler Carts Can Serve More Than Just Food

Before you may have seen a butler cart as being to fancy or unwanted kitchen clutter. But, this is a functional antique piece that can be used to move food around your home and is a great place to store kitchen utensils at the same time. By maximizing the dead space below the serving surface you are able to free up kitchen cabinetry space.

Don’t Sit On A Bench’s Potential

You can never have enough benches in your home. They are versatile pieces of furniture that could pull triple-duty for you. By adding a bench near your entryway or in your kitchen, you get an aesthetically pleasing storage space that guests and family members alike can sit on.

Let Your Creativity Fly

With a little imagination you’ve been able to remedy our storage problems while maintaining a sense of style within our homes. These solutions are just the tip of the iceberg available to you. Your house has so much space maximizing potential. If you are a little crafty with a hammer and nails, your options are boundless.

Check out some of these ideas or contact Closet Envee to bounce thoughts off of us, we are here to meet your storage needs!